Oregon Priest Investigated For Unholy Bathroom Behavior

There’s something shady going down at St. Francis Catholic Church in Sherwood, Oregon.

Local police just announced that the church’s priest, Father Ysrael Bien (pictured), is under investigation for an incident involving a hidden camera installed in the men’s bathroom.

It all started back in April when a 15-year-old boy noticed an oddly placed electrical outlet next to the toilet in the bathroom near the church altar. Upon further investigation, he discovered the outlet was actually a hidden camera. He yanked it out of the wall then told Bien, who assured him and his parents that he would contact police about the matter.

And that’s when things turned fishy.

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Days later, the boy’s mother contacted Bien to ask if police needed a statement from her son. The priest told her everything was under control and that no statement would be necessary. Then he assured her that “a conclusion would happen soon, and that he would be sure to tell them when someone was arrested,” police records say.

Two weeks later, the boy’s parents emailed Bien for an update on the case. He replied that police didn’t have enough evidence and the investigation was “over.”

Not satisfied with this outcome, the parents contacted the deacon, who told them he didn’t know much about the case. That’s when the parents emailed Bien again, this time asking to see the official police report.

An hour later, the priest replied: “There is no police report and it is best if I explain this to you in person.”

“Father informed me that he had lied to me, and that there was no police report or investigation because he had not reported the incident or the device,” the dad later told police.

Bien claimed that he put the camera in a drawer in the vesting room, but when he went to get it later that day, it mysteriously vanished. He never contacted police because he was afraid of “the consequences of losing the device,” police records say.

A judge authorized search warrants for the church, Bien’s home, his car, phones and computers. He has been placed on leave by the Archdiocese of Portland.

We’re waiting for his Grindr profile.

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Source:: Queerty

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