Professor Urges People To “Pray For His Job” After Saying “Queers” Should Be Hanged

Rick Coupland, a business professor at at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario, is asking everyone to “please pray for me and my job” after a complaint was filed against him for saying gay people should be hanged.

The comment was made on Coupland’s personal Facebook page earlier this month when he shared a link to a story about the city of St. Petersburg, FL raising a rainbow flag for in celebration of Pride along with the caption: “It’s the queers they should be hanging, not the flag.”

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A former student saw the post and contacted Coupland’s employer. Later that day, the professor wrote a post saying he had been called into work and advised to “bring a representative” to discuss the comments.

Kelly Wiley, director of marketing and communications at St. Lawrence College, confirmed that the school is investigating the incident.

“We have several policies that apply to the conduct of our employees,” she told the Whig-Standard. “This includes the fact that we adhere to the Ontario Human Rights Code, we also have harassment policies, a policy around outside activities of college employees, and our collective agreement.”

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No word yet on whether Coupland will face any formal disciplinary action for the comments, but it’s pretty clear how folks on social media feel:

I hope @whatsinsideslc will take swift and immediate action to terminate Rick Coupland , a sad and horrendous waste of budget dollars.

— Paul William Tye (@PaulWTye) July 19, 2015

There is no place in this world for #Haters. Hope this idiot #RickCoupland gets toasted. #homophobia #LGBTI

— Trevor Kleinhans (@secretsmakeusic) July 21, 2015

WTF #Rickcoupland says “its the Queers that should be hung, not the flag” I hope this is tried as a hate crime — Juniper (@SuzySuffragette) July 20, 2015

Sorry #rickcoupland for the shame and ridicule you are experiencing, but if you express hate and violence, you ought not to be an educator. — Tom Zoltan B (@TomZoltan) July 21, 2015

I have faith that @gvollebregt will deal with #rickcoupland appropriately and swiftly. Unacceptable. — Jaye Burke (@jayedeebee) July 17, 2015

What do you think? Does Coupland deserve to lose his job over comments made on his personal Facebook page? Sound off in comments.

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