Protect Your Back Door With Condoms From This Gay Company

It’s impossible over emphasize the importance of a healthy back door, if you know what we mean. A few weeks ago Stag Condoms released a playful video to promote its safer-sex product, which according to its mission statement addresses “the unique needs and lifestyles of gay men that traditional, heteronormative condom companies don’t. When it comes to pleasurable, safe, bed-rockin’ sex, we’ve got you covered.” Good to know, folks. Another incentive to go Stag, if you will, is the company offers 50 percent of its proceeds to its AIDS Walk Fund. Aww. But it’s important for condom ads to be sexy and this one gets it just right.

In the clip, two men run through their morning routine but eventually go their separate ways. One guy unwittingly leaves the back entrance open and unguarded, allowing all sorts of mayhem to carry on as a devilish group of horny men enter and have at it in the common area. The take-away is easy to remember: Never leave your back door unprotected.

Watch the cheeky ad below.

Source:: Queerty

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