Quiz: Does This Large Inflatable Hot Dog Toy Look Like A Penis And Promote The Gay Agenda?

It may look like just another inflatable bouncy hot dog toy, but it’s actually an oversized penis disguised to promote the gay agenda. At least according to one antigay Mormon.

The Jumping Hot Dog Hop Hopping Hopper Bouncy Ball is currently available for $19.99 on Amazon. The toy can be inflated to multiple sizes and is great for helping kids develop balance and coordination.

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“My brother-in-law thinks it looks like a penis,” a gay ex-Mormon man recently wrote on Reddit. The man purchased the toy for his seven-year-old nephew with behavioral problems, but his brother-in-law flat out refused the gift because of it’s alleged phallic nature.

“It’s a hot dog that kids bounce on and it looks nothing like a penis,” the man continued. “That is how riled up Mormons are about homosexuality. I think they believe I’m trying to push a ‘gay agenda’ by getting a seven-year-old a hot dog to bounce on.”

What do you think? Does the giant hot dog look like a penis? Vote in the poll below.

Does the giant bouncy hot dog look like a penis?

Source:: Queerty

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