Sister Roma Says Chi Chi LaRue’s Drug Addiction “Desperate and Critical”

If you really had any idea what Chi Chi has been going through for the past 4-5 years — If you had any IDEA of how desperate and critical her condition has been — you’d understand that she does not have the money to pay for treatment herself.

You’d also know that at the time of her intervention she was in NO CONDITION to make any decisions regarding her treatment. Chi Chi did not choose Hazeldon – it was decided for her. So don’t accuse her of being a diva or being t0o grand to go to a shelter or some other place for free care. The fact is that she is there and embracing the program. There is hope.

After this initial stage of treatment is complete there will be drastic changes — it will not be glamorous, it will not be easy, and it will not be cheap. There are major expenses in addition to treatment.”

Chi Chi LaRue’s friend Sister Roma, in a message on her Facebook page, addressing critics who question the GoFundMe campaign established for LaRue’s drug rehab treatment

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