“Stonewall” Trailer Gets An Amazing Parody Worthy Of An Oscar

Get ready to LOL because this new Stonewall trailer parody is seriously funny.

In case you haven’t heard, people are pretty pissed about the trailer for Roland Emmerich’s new Stonewall film, which hits theaters this September. The main assessment has been that the preview whitewashes gay history by centering around a caucasian, cis-gender male rather than the trans people and people of color who were actually at the Stonewall Inn during the time of the 1969 riots.

Now, Brooklyn-based comedian Heather Dockray has remade the trailer to reflect people’s criticisms, as well as remixed it with some of Emmerich’s cinematic masterpieces, including the disaster movies 2012, Independence Day, Godzilla and The Day After Tomorrow.

Check out the hilarious trailer below…

Source:: Queerty

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