Survivor Furious That “Eye Of The Tiger” Was Used In Kim Davis Video, Considers Suing To Protect Integrity

One of the countless disturbing aspects of the video of antigay Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis delivering her self-pitying speech upon being released from jail as “Eye of the Tiger” blared from speakers in the background, giving less-savvy viewers an impression that Davis was a champion rising to victory from the ashes of defeat. Phooey. We prefer to associate the song with Rocky Balboa since the anthem was recorded by the band Survivor for 1982’s boxing epic Rocky III. Alas, we’re not alone. A note posted to the band’s official Facebook page makes it clear that they did not approve the use of their biggest hit at such a woeful spectacle.

Now TMZ reports that bandmembers are not only irate to be linked with the notorious K.I.M. and disgraceful GOP presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee, but they’re considering taking legal action to preserve the integrity of their music. We say knock ’em out.

Source:: Queerty

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