Swimsuit Models Give Queerty Private Show! And We Sneak Into The Versace Mansion!


Outlander has a rule when traveling: walk with purpose, but be ready for anything. If you’re going to pass through a doorway, you should walk in like you belong there. You never know what’s going to happen while you’re there. For instance, you could be walking down the street in Miami, and find yourself wandering into the Cabana Show, a trade show with aisle after aisle of swimwear worn by models standing around waiting to be adored. It is technically for retail buyers, but security was lax so it was easy to sneak in and chat up the boys. Let’s meet a few of our favorites: the first pic on the left is Damien, a cute little snack from Argentina, wearing Sundek; Angelo is from the Dominican Republic, and he is wearing Orlebar Brown; and Tomas, from Slovakia, has his deliciously trim waist wrapped in Parke & Ronen.

They were cute. Although it is hard to pay attention to anyone else in the room when Eddie Cibrian walks in.

Mr. Cibrian was there to accompany his lovely wife, the glorious chanteuse Leann Rimes, as she perused the racks of bikinis that will hit the market next season. There is a certain allure to a young guy with perfect abs, but we happily admit a little grey scruff on a handsome man’s chin can be very sexy.

Later that evening we walked with purpose up to Casa Casurina, a.k.a. the former Versace Mansion, for another show that did not feature any menswear; but there was the promise of seeing Versace’s famed swimming pool, as well as a free cocktail or two, so of course we went and pretended to be interested in the clothes. The show was outside, but one of the security guards temporarily left his post and Outlander may have accidentally run into the building to find a bathroom and take a little tour.

Here is the view from the third floor lav.

Source:: Queerty

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