These Swim Shorts Cover Just The Right Amount Skin

When it comes to men’s swim shorts, underwear brands aren’t always about underwear-level coverage.

The seven swim shorts modeled by James Pianka below are what many men would simply call “swim trunks.” Most pairs stop around the middle of James’ thighs and, because of that, have a more relaxed fit. Think of his swim shorts as less scandalous alternatives to swim briefs and square-cut trunks. Instead of fitting like a second skin, they fit like a flattering pair of shorts. But that doesn’t mean James’ swim trunks are without a sense of style, or that he doesn’t look sexy in them.

By stopping mid thigh, James’ swim shorts are able to keep their laid back attitude and show an ample amount of skin without looking totally sexed up for the beach.

You can see more of James Pianka, and more swim shorts, on The Underwear Expert.






Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert.

Source:: Queerty

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