Undercover Video Shows Best Qualified Candidate Being Denied Job Because He’s Gay

Prepare to be enraged.

Two men in Sweden recently conducted an undercover social experiment. They both interviewed for the same job. One of them, Olle, was openly gay and exceeded all the necessarily prerequisites. The other, Konrad, was straight and met almost none of the requirements for the job.

Olle’s interview goes swimmingly up until the interviewer learns he’s gay. That’s when he abruptly cuts the meeting short and sees Olle to the door, refusing to even shake his hand. The next day, Konrad gets a call saying he’s got the job.

According to PinkNewsUK, the interviewer featured in the video later contacted Olle and Konrad and apologized for his attitude. Keep in mind that this is liberal Sweden, a long-time bastion of equality.

Watch the shocking video below…

Source:: Queerty

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