Where’s The Strangest Place You’ve Ever Made Whoopie? Guys Reveal Their Answers.

Public sex presents a whole slew of health concerns and yadda, yadda yadda. So we’re all in agreement it isn’t the best choice, and getting caught can have severe consequences.

But let’s be real — there’s something hot about getting it on outside the confines of a bedroom.

We imagine Queerty readers have some spicy stories to share, so by all means, hit the comments section.

Here are some Whispers to get the memories flowing. We have some serious problems with this first one:

When I was a lot younger I had sex with the pastor's son inside of the church. That same son is still in the closet, what a shame.

I had sex in an elevator at the YMCA with someone I had just met downstairs at the gym.

I once had gay sex with a guy in a tent at scout camp

I just had sex in a public park in the middle of the day with a guy I met 2 hrs before.

One time I had sex in a public washroom... We ended up shattering the mirror that was behind me on the wall.. Whoops.

My boyfriend and I had amazing sex in a hotel lobby and didn't get caught.

When I had just turned 18 I had sex with a police officer in the bushes outside the station. He said he wasn't gay.

I had sex with a gay man in a gym sauna  ... twice. and I crave more so much.

I had gay sex in a nightclub in the corner of the dancefloor.  I feel no shame.

I had sex with another gay guy in the back of a movie theater...while it was full of people

I once had sex with a "straight" friend on a Ferris wheel just because we could.

My husband and I had sex in his parents' backyard during a thunderstorm once.

My first gay sex experience was in the school's bathroom. I was bottom

The best sex I ever had was in a public pool during the day when there was a security camera on us.

I'm a server and I had sex with a male customer in the bathroom. Feels so cliche, but I got a great tip.

Source:: Queerty

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