You’ll Flip For The Sexy Men’s Swimwear At Miami Beach Fashion Week

‘Tis the season, dear readers, that most wonderful time of the year, when we are once again blessed with Fashion Week shows here in the U.S.

New York hosted Fashion Week: Men’s earlier in the month, but Queerty’s Outlander column took the opportunity to head south to Miami Beach for Fashion Week Swim, where babes in bikinis shared the runway with gorgeous gents strutting around in nothing but their trunks. Getting a good seat can be a chore, but the trick is to be sneaky.

The first day of shows, Outlander may have accidentally rearranged the front row seating to create an extra place to sit.

This is from Montreal-based designer Filthy Haanz.

Fashion designers are trying desperately to end the baggy “board shorts” trend that is preferred by American men, who usually look like they are swimming around in short pants. It looks charming while standing on land, but it’s an entirely impractical concept when actually swimming, with all that extra fabric wound around the wearer’s legs. So, for 2016, suits were thankfully mid-thigh at the longest.


Whatever the woman on the right is looking at on her phone, there is no way it could possibly be more interesting than what is walking past her at that moment. Pay attention, sweetie.

Outlander was certainly paying attention. It was hard not to, with all those swimsuits at eye-level.


Hello there.

The show for Los Angeles-based Mia Marcelle followed later in the evening. It was mostly women’s suits, but a few men joined the fun. Let’s take a look at the pro’s photos of this Tarzan-looking fellow:

For future reference, Outlander would like to volunteer to be the official body paint sprayer for all male models backstage next season. No payment necessary.

Men’s suits were shorter and trimmer at Mia Marcelle. This is a trend we can support. Speaking of support…


…hopefully that zipper is reinforced with extra stitching, because it looks a bit strained.

What came next for Day 2? Stay tuned.

Mia Marcelle photos by Frazer Harrison for Getty Images.

Source:: Queerty

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